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Digital Solutions

And that's what we offer. We are Athenian Marketing Solutions, your Cincinnati web design, web development, and small-business digital solutions provider.

Skilled Professionals

We specialize in Web Development, Responsive Mobile Design, and Content Management Solutions, as well as Digital Marketing Strategy.

Success is Certain

We bring success to our clients by providing them with a compelling, beautiful web presence with a focused design, powerful functionality, and intelligent content that sends a targeted message to their customers and keeps them wanting more.

Our Process

We understand that it can be daunting to work with a new website development company. Many small-business owners are unsure of how the process works or what to expect. They just know that they need a website. So, to help you understand the process, below, you'll find a timeline explaining how we approach every project - from the initial consultation to the release of a new website.


We take the time to learn about you. During your free consultation we discuss your needs, the challenges facing your business, and discover what you need to grow. Through understanding your unique situation, we can gain a better understanding of which web technologies will be the best fit to ensure your future growth.


We take what we learned during the Consultation and create an intelligent plan of attack. We also set a preliminary budget and timeline, and begin to map out the technologies and structure of your future website.


With a strategy prepared, and our client’s approval received, construction begins — this is where the design and concept begin to take shape.


Through many hours of testing and polishing, the final product is prepared for release. We spend many hours testing our client’s new website across a variety of devices and screen sizes – ensuring that our work is optimized in every conceivable situation so that no customer ever receives a less than optimal experience.

Continued Care

In the months following release of our client’s new website, we continue to monitor, test, and refine our work. We also provide continued technical support and management services for our finished product. We take every possible step to ensure that our clients continue to have the best possible experience from their web development agency.